Human Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help to enhance movement, performance and function following injury, illness and disability. Infinity Physiotherapy provides compressive assessment and works with you to determine a tailored treatment plan to suit each individual.

Covering all ages and an extensive range of musculoskeletal, neurological and orthopaedic conditions, Rachel uses a wide range of treatments, exercise and advice to help you achieve optimal benefit from physiotherapy.

Please get in touch to discuss how Rachel can help you to achieve your goals

Child Physiotherapy

Rider Physiotherapy

Infinity Physiotherapy offers a specific rider physio service which includes assessment of your posture, muscle function, core stability and balance to help identify any muscle spasm, stiffness or weakness. Assessments can be completed at your yard or in your home.

Rider specific physiotherapy can help in addressing posture dysfunction, muscle imbalance, asymmetry and inflexible joints can adversely affect your riding performance and alter your horse’s performance.